Everything's a Spell
with The Pleiadians

and Ursula

Thursday, January 23, 2020
at 12 pm pacific time
Details and Registration Here

The Return of the Faeries is Upon Us and
Nothing is as it was Before

Please join us at noon pacific on January 23rd via webcast or telephone for a transmission on all things Magic. The Pleiadians, Ursula, Yeshua, Calliandra, and a variety of Extradimensionals will share their perspectives on the use of magic on your world at this time, how you can create your own magic, the simplicity in magic, receiving the results of your own magic, how your 3d and 5d identities collaborate as creators, and much, much more. The time is NOW to be the most powerful version of yourself. Prepare for a beautiful and uplifting experience. This transmission and download will upgrade your entire operating system and bring forward new abilities.

New information
New activations
New downloads
New processes

Join us for an afternoon of love, fun, and transformation. As always there will be plenty of time for your questions. We will be taking calls and answering questions submitted via the Q & A form, as well as having the chat function open during the event. You can access the program by either calling in via your phone or computer, or you can choose to listen to the live broadcast via the web.

For those who can not attend live, the replay will be available immediately following for all registered. Registration will close out at the end of the event, so if you'd like the replay option, make sure to get your registration in on time. 

Monthly Transmissions
from The Pleiadians
​via Webcast & Teleconference

Next Monthly Transmission from The Pleiadians
Wednesday, February 5, 2020
at 5pm pacific time
Details and Registration Here

​​Opening transmission from The Pleiadians and Ursula during the first 30 minutes. Interactive Q & A session with The P's for the remaining hour.

These monthly sessions are always so much fun and filled with helpful guidance along with incredibly supportive energy from The Pleiadians and all of our other helpers and celestial friends. 

For those who can not attend live, the replay will be available immediately following for all registered. The recording will also be available for purchase on our site a few days following the live event.

Interview with E.D.

Reuben Langdon's ongoing series. New episodes added regularly.

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