Monthly Transmissions - 2020

You can purchase a downloadable MP3 file of Nora's monthly channeled lectures and group sessions.  A high-speed Internet connection is recommended for all downloads. 

You will receive the download via your email as soon as you purchase it. If you do not receive your order or you have an issue downloading, please contact us at [email protected]

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Channeled Lecture & Group Session
Monthly Teleconference
January 7, 2020
88 Minutes Long - $11 ​

Nora, Ursula, The Pleiadian Collective, Enorah, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on the intensity of this moment, the magnitude of the timeline jump that ocurred at the time of the Solstice,  the global events taking place at this time and how to best navigate these events, the echoes of the Orion Wars and other galactic conflicts playing out at this time,  emotions and emotional reactions and how to process, the upcoming lunar eclipse as well as the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto and the long lasting affects of these particular celestial event, peace and how to activate the vibration of peace within the lower chakra system to affect a peaceful reality, transmutation of other lifetime trauma and a process to clear entity attachments from other lifetimes, operating as a healer/facilitator of another's reality, following your excitement, being vulnerable and the fear that arises when you go for what you want, dealing with worldwide suffering, listening to yourself, experiencing multidimensional energies from the third-dimensional perspective, politics and the political aspect of everything, the difference between government and politics, resistance, recognizing the faerie within, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians and Ursula offered a number of processes and tools throughout including one that facilitates the activation of the vibrations of peace and compassion in the body and one that facilitates centering within the midst of massive change.