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Everything's a Spell
With Ursula & The Pleiadians
A Workshop & Transmission
January 23, 2020

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Come and get your spell on! The Return of the Faeries is upon us and nothing is as it was before.

This is both a workshop on the use of magic and the creation of personal spells in everyday life as well as a full-on transmission from Ursula and The Pleiadians.

Multiple processes were offered throughout the workshop to clear and transmute trauma relating to spells and magic stemming from both enslavement programs and other lifetime experiences.

The basics and foundations of 5d and 3d blended magic and spells were offered as well as a very simple step by step process that facilitates the creation of a spell unique to you and your experience. The Pleiadians and Ursula worked with a number of attendees in guiding them through the creation of their own spells as a way to exemplify the ease of this process.

The Pleiadians also offered a massive adjustment to our energetic bodies in the activation of the receptors and transmitters sitting in our fields. These energy points were recently upgraded via the Solstice gateway and the Pleiadians will work directly with you as you tune in to facilitate your own personal integration of these upgrades and share their perspectives on how these energy points are an integral piece

The magic offered and the ease of application are some of the most groundbreaking pieces of information and fun we have experienced to date. Enjoy this workshop. It is our intention that you take this information and love into your everyday moment and witness your magic grow.


Winter Solstice Transmission
With Ursula, Calliandra, & Alderon
Activate Your Magic 
December 19, 2019
Audio Recording - 115 Minutes


Autumnal Equinox Transmission
You are Magic

September 19, 2019
Audio Recording - 110 Minutes

Connecting with The Faeries
With Ursula, Calliandra, & Alderon
A Workshop & Transmission
October 24, 2019
Audio Recording - 117 Minutes

Nora, Jon, The Pleiadian Collective, Ursula, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Alderon shared their perspectives on the major clearing happening as preparation for the Solstice downloads, integration and activation of the Solstice energies, operating as a fifth dimensional consciousness within third dimensional density, perceiving a state of Oneness as never before, the current timeline jump and collective humanity's ascension into a higher octave of the fourth dimension, the 'return of the faeries" as a result of this timeline jump, the inner faerie in every single one of us and the external reflections of The Faeries at this time, the magnitude of the faerie energy, the activation of the third eye along with other abilities as a result of this Solstice and timeline jump, magic and the use of magic at this time, a way to incorporate the fifth dimensional perspective into the use of third dimensional magical tools, staying in the body while doing magic, discerning your own faerie identity, recognizing external manifestations of the faerie, abuses of power and the underlying traumas associated, working with another energetically, choosing the correct healing path, past life aspects as helpers, allowing others to create their boundaries, using frequency and vibratory rate activations in the body along with traditional third dimensional magic to consciously jump timelines, the sun and moon with relation to the yang and yin, and much, much more. 

The Pleiadians and Ursula offered a number of processes and tools throughout including one that facilitates a clearing to prepare for the Solstice energies, along with one at the end of the program that facilitates the integration and activation of the Solstice downloads. 

Ursula offers a ritual and magical process that can be used at the exact moment of the Solstice and at any other point as well to facilitate the conscious jumping of timelines.

Nora, Jon, The Pleiadian Collective, Ursula, Enorah, Yeshua, and Others shared their perspectives on the integration and activation of the Equinox energies and what this transmission of energy will be activating within your energetic structure, Saturn going retrograde and the inner shadow work that was facilitated by Saturn over the past few months, the many beings who recently left our world and the triggering of grief, magic - both grounded practical and visceral magic and the "smoke and mirrors" type magic being used right now as a tool for manipulation of the masses, shame and the disabling effects of shame, the victim/perpetrator programs in relation to shame and untransmuted trauma, how to experience yourself as magic, how to experience all of reality as magic, the embrace of each and every moment as an opportunity for magic, how to magnify your own magic, the use of magical tools and rituals in everyday life, the importance of immersing yourself in nature, the magic in creative expression, surrendering and the essential moment of surrender in the magical process, manifestation and magic, connecting with those who have passed, the illusion of the accident, drama, collaboration with others vs going to others because you think they have more power or information than you do, the power and magic in music, accessing the four elements, making decisions, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians and Ursula offered a number of processes and tools throughout including one that facilitates a clearing to prepare for the Equinox energies, along with one at the end of the program that facilitates the integration and activation of the Equinox downloads. 

Ursula again brings her very unique and powerful energy and perspective to this transmission.
Oh, this one was so much fun! 

This is both a workshop on connecting you with your faerie guides and accessing your inner faerie, as well as a full on transmission from Ursula, Calliandra, Alderon, and The Pleiadians.

Multiple processes were offered throughout the workshop to clear and transmute trauma facilitating connection and contact. Ursula offered a lengthy guided visualization that will take you right into the faerie realm and connect you directly with your faerie guides.

Many examples of experiences of faerie contact were shared by both Nora and the attendees throughout the workshop.

The Faeries shared their perspectives on operating as Fae, accessing and expressing your creative energy as a way to enhance your understanding of yourself as faerie, faerie history both on this world and on the first Earth and trauma associated with those timelines, the many different kinds of faerie beings, the difference genetically between the faeries on this world and the faeries of the first Earth, Ursula's perspective on the shift in consciousness here on our world over the past decade, trauma related to experiences as faerie, how to clear that trauma to facilitate connecting more deeply with both your inner faerie and your faerie guides, the specific and very special healing offered by the faeries, the essential nature of working with the faeries, debunking myths about the faeries, accessing your genetic lines that are faerie in origin, the faeries' pattern of choosing to hide, the ascension of the faeries, the return of the faeries at this time on Earth, and much, much more.

Anything Goes -Mayan Calendar's "Day Out of Time"
July 25, 2019
Audio Recording - 118 Minutes

Summer Solstice Transmission
It's a Big Solstice Party!

June 21, 2019
Audio Recording - 120 Minutes

Creativity and
Your Creator Technology
April 25, 2019
Audio Recording - 114 Minutes


 Nora, Jon, The Pleiadian Collective, Enorah, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on all things second chakra related, the connection and correlation between the 2nd and 6th chakra, the shift from sexual energy to creator energy, expressing yourself creatively, activating as a creator, how creative expression and your creator technology sync up and operate in a collaborative fashion, what it truly means to express yourself creatively, the difference between artistic and creative expressions, how to amplify your creativity, how to enable formally dormant artistic abilities, the necessity of fun and play in the expression of your creativity, using vibration and frequency as the foundation for the creator technology, healing and the second chakra, the emotional body and the second chakra, getting off of the emotional roller coaster to enable the fifth dimensional creator technology to activate, the second chakra as the seat of manifestation, soul level tiredness and how to deal with that experience, the 2014 download that triggered the massive amounts of trauma still being carried in the second chakras of each of us as well as collective humanity's second chakra, the evolution since that moment, operating as a healer and guide, operating from joy, breaking down the illusion of separation, accessing fifth dimensional manifestation abilities, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians offered a number of processes and tools throughout including a very powerful second chakra clearing and activation leading to a sixth chakra clearing and activation further enabling you to access the projection technology via your third eye.
​July 25th on the Mayan Calendar is known as the "Day Out of Time". It is the 365th and last day of the Galactic Year with July 26th being the first day of the Galactic New Year.

The Day Out of Time represents an "extra day" or a "free day" on the Mayan Calendar as they based their calendar on a cycle of 13 moons each lasting 28 days apiece. The day out of time exists between the threshold of the last day of the galactic calendar and the first day of the Galactic New Year.​

In this special transmission Nora, Jon, and The Pleiadians, shared their perspectives on how the energy of the day out of time shifts our reality, timelessness and accessing the state of timelessness, how to bookmark the experience in the body, the acceleration of the shift, the integration and re-ascension process, the upgrades in our vibrations, our creator technology, embodying the higher self, signs and other experiences in the dream state, operating in the moment, experiencing synchronicity as a way to support our journey on our paths, the third chakra and the ability to now deactivate implants in the third chakra that are keeping us aligned with the third dimensional version of reality, water and our connection to water in the state of timelessness, oneness, the illusion of being stuck, operating completely in the moment at hand, pain in the physical body as a manifestation of untransmuted trauma and emotional pain associated with that trauma, the blending of the third dimensional and the fifth dimensional identities within the body, operating as the version of yourself that you truly are at this time, carrying extra weight and what to do about it, detaching from the need to know what the future will bring, releasing savior programs, the difference between sympathy and compassion, and much, much, more. 

The Pleiadians offer a number of processes throughout including one that facilitates the integration of the "day out of time" upgrades, as well as a process that deactivates implants in the third chakra using the vibration of compassion.

 Nora, Jon, The Pleiadian Collective, Calliandra, Alderon, Enorah, Yeshua, and Others shared their perspectives on the integration and activation of the Solstice energies which began streaming in a couple of weeks prior, peaked at 8:54am PT, and will continue to enter in for another couple of weeks, the faeries' connection and contact with us and the advantage of welcoming the faeries into our homes and lives, the shift in our cellular structure enabling us to hold more light and operate at a higher vibration, the importance of living life as a party for no other reason than the desire to be in the vibration of party, how to both be in the space of celebration, play and party and tend to any un-transmuted trauma that is activated in the moment, the massive shift that happened in mid May and the actualization of that shift via the Solstice downloads, sexual energy and the decrease in libido that many are experiencing, the shift in our sexual operating system, owning being stuck in victim/perpetrator programs to enable actualizing as a creator being, using the vibratory sensory system to recognize the vibration of other beings, the need for finding the beauty in each and every moment, pain and issues in the feet, sharing one's gifts with the world, anxiety and the transmutation of anxiety, the reduction of the polarity, how to deal with mental busyness, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians, Calliandra, and Alderon offered a number of processes and tools throughout including one that facilitates the integration and activation of the Solstice downloads, along with first, third, fifth, and sixth chakra work.

This was another very powerful and joyful transmission. Enjoy it!

Spring Equinox Transmission
Operate From Joy
March 16, 2019
Audio Recording - 142 Minutes

Manifestation in the
Age of Ascension
February 21, 2019
Audio Recording - 122 Minutes


 Post Eclipse Debrief
and Integration
January 24, 2019
Audio Recording - 118 Minutes


Nora, Jon, The Pleiadian Collective, Enorah, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on the actualization of the elevated timeline in collective consciousness and what this means for each of us personally, the recent eclipses coupled with the Solstice transmission and how these energies are once again completely altering our experience here, the gateway that opened as a result of the total lunar eclipse, the correlating gateways in our heart chakras that were opened in conjunction with the lunar eclipse, what these gateways now allow us to access and how to use the higher energies we are connecting with to facilitate our manifestation experience here in physical density, all planets in direct motion facilitating an ease in getting things done, the wild pendulum swings taking place when it comes to the bigger reality, the magnification of the polarity and how we are playing that out within our relationships with some of the beings in our lives, the illusion of separation and the actual experience of reunification that is happening at this time, the shift we are undergoing from carbon based to crystalline based life forms, how everything we are experiencing is happening to facilitate our integration and re-ascension, the individual work vs the collective work and the interconnection between them, finding your center, the detaching from the victim/perpetrator programs at this time, claiming full ownership of one's reality and creations, using each moment of our lives to support every other moment in our lives, the importance of play, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians offered a number of processes throughout including one that  facilitates the integration of the eclipse energies as well as facilitating the opening of the new gateways in our heart chakras.
Nora, Jon, The Pleiadian Collective, Enorah, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on the manifestation experience at this time on Earth, the blending of the fifth and third dimensional identities and the effect this is having on your manifestation process, Chiron moving into Aries and how this will support your individuated realities, avoidance and how it negatively impacts your process, the source of avoidance and procrastination, the ego identity and the newly enhanced and expanded version of your ego identity, using the third eye as a tool for projecting frequencies into the density around you, emotions and vibrations and how they work together at this time in the creation of your reality, money and your use of it as a creator, the fluid and imaginary nature of money, food and your selections of food at this time, the passage of time within the context of operating as a creator, the ego's plan vs. the plan of the higher self, divine right timing when it comes to manifestation, the individuated reality as it interfaces with the collective reality, fantasy and spiritual bypassing and how both negate your ability to operate as a conscious creator, relationships and the creation of new relationships, the creation of any experience you want, the intersectional nature of your reality, how each and everything you do affects each and every other thing you do, your excitement, operating as an incarnate guide, operating as a "professional" healer and guide, the physical body, and much, much more. ​

The Pleiadians offered a number of processes and tools throughout that will assist you in bringing about the realities you desire, including a step by step manifestation process
 Nora, Jon, The Pleiadian Collective, Enorah, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on the the equinox energies and what will be activating within your genetic codes, the acceleration of the shift along with the acceleration in the manifestation of your realities, engaging the third and fifth dimensional operating systems at the same time within the context of running manifestation processes, individuated timeline jumps, collective timeline jumps, creating an individual jump within the container of the collective, operating as an incarnate guide, the ego, transmutation of traumas from any and all lifetime experiences, the syncing up of collective humanity with the elevated timeline, the shadow phase of the past couple of years, the expiration of the enslavement contracts that occurred on the Winter Solstice of 2012, abuses of power in other lives and how those trauma points affect us in this current incarnation, the younger generation and their role in the shift, operating as a systems buster, the 8 main frequencies and vibrations assigned to the 7 main chakras in the third dimensional system, using these frequencies and vibrations in the manifestation process, using the vibratory rate of joy as the basis for all manifestation, the creation of this Universe, the rate at which descension occurred, the physical body and the shift from carbon based to crystalline based lifeforms happening now on Earth, and much, much, more.

The Pleiadians offered a number of processes and tools throughout including a clearing technique that facilitates the integration of the highest version of the Equinox downloads for each individually. They then move along into the accessing of the Equinox energies themselves and offer a simple process to connect with these extremely potent and shifting energies over the coming days, weeks, and months.

This was our first live event in Ojai in years and was both incredibly powerful as well as so lighthearted and joyful.