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Everything's a Spell Recording Coming Soon

Come and get your spell on! The Return of the Faeries is upon us and nothing is as it was before.

This is both a workshop on the use of magic and the creation of personal spells in everyday life as well as a full-on transmission from Ursula and The Pleiadians.

Multiple processes were offered throughout the workshop to clear and transmute trauma relating to spells and magic stemming from both enslavement programs and other lifetime experiences.

The basics and foundations of 5d and 3d blended magic and spells were offered as well as a very simple step by step process that facilitates the creation of a spell unique to you and your experience. The Pleiadians and Ursula worked with a number of attendees in guiding them through the creation of their own spells as a way to exemplify the ease of this process.

The Pleiadians also offered a massive adjustment to our energetic bodies in the activation of the receptors and transmitters sitting in our fields. These energy points were recently upgraded via the Solstice gateway and the Pleiadians will work directly with you as you tune in to facilitate your own personal integration of these upgrades and share their perspectives on how these energy points are an integral piece

The magic offered and the ease of application are some of the most groundbreaking pieces of information and fun we have experienced to date. Enjoy this workshop. It is our intention that you take this information and love into your everyday moment and witness your magic grow.

Next Monthly Transmission
February 5, 2020 at 5pm PT
Webcast & Teleconference
Opening transmission from The Pleiadians and Ursula for the first 30 minutes. Interactive Q & A for the remaining hour.

These monthly sessions are always so much fun and filled with helpful guidance along with incredibly supportive energy from The Pleiadians and all of our other helpers and celestial friends. 

For those who can not attend live, the replay will be available immediately following for all registered. The recording will also be available for purchase on our site a few days following the live event.

January 7th Transmission
Recording Now Available

Nora, Ursula, The Pleiadian Collective, Enorah, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on the intensity of this moment, the magnitude of the timeline jump that ocurred at the time of the Solstice,  the global events taking place at this time and how to best navigate these events, the echoes of the Orion Wars and other galactic conflicts playing out at this time,  emotions and emotional reactions and how to process, the upcoming lunar eclipse as well as the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto and the long lasting affects of these particular celestial event, peace and how to activate the vibration of peace within the lower chakra system to affect a peaceful reality, transmutation of other lifetime trauma and a process to clear entity attachments from other lifetimes, operating as a healer/facilitator of another's reality, following your excitement, being vulnerable and the fear that arises when you go for what you want, dealing with worldwide suffering, listening to yourself, experiencing multidimensional energies from the third dimensional perspective, politics and the political aspect of everything, the difference between government and politics, resistance, recognizing the faerie within, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians and Ursula offered a number of processes and tools throughout including one that facilitates the activation of the vibrations of peace and compassion in the body and one that facilitates centering within the midst of massive change.

 Solstice Transmission
Activate Your Magic
Recording Now Available

Nora, Jon, The Pleiadian Collective, Ursula, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Alderon shared their perspectives on the major clearing happening as preparation for the Solstice downloads, integration and activation of the Solstice energies, operating as a fifth dimensional consciousness within third dimensional density, perceiving a state of Oneness as never before, the current timeline jump and collective humanity's ascension into a higher octave of the fourth dimension, the 'return of the faeries" as a result of this timeline jump, the inner faerie in every single one of us and the external reflections of The Faeries at this time, the magnitude of the faerie energy, the activation of the third eye along with other abilities as a result of this Solstice and timeline jump, magic and the use of magic at this time, a way to incorporate the fifth dimensional perspective into the use of third dimensional magical tools, staying in the body while doing magic, discerning your own faerie identity, recognizing external manifestations of the faerie, abuses of power and the underlying traumas associated, working with another energetically, choosing the correct healing path, past life aspects as helpers, allowing others to create their boundaries, using frequency and vibratory rate activations in the body along with traditional third dimensional magic to consciously jump timelines, the sun and moon with relation to the yang and yin, and much, much more. 

The Pleiadians and Ursula offered a number of processes and tools throughout including one that facilitates a clearing to prepare for the Solstice energies, along with one at the end of the program that facilitates the integration and activation of the Solstice downloads. 

Ursula offers a ritual and magical process that can be used at the exact moment of the Solstice and at any other point as well to facilitate the conscious jumping of timelines.
Operate from Joy
is a system for the  transmutation of trauma using the FOAL  method which allows for the activation of the vibratory rate of joy in the body enabling you to use that vibration as the foundation for your creations.

What is F.O.A.L.?
Feel - your emotions fully and without judgment. 
Observe - yourself as you feel fully which activates your  5D consciousness from within.
Accept - yourself exactly as you are in the moment of this feeling state.
Love - which activates an automatic transmission of  unconditional love that transmutes any deeply held traumas  sitting in any moment of time and space.

Lengthier description of F.O.A.L. in the Blog
 May you always be aware of the guidance and love that surrounds   you. 

 May you pay attention each day to the lessons that are being   offered and the opportunity to grow in love. 

 May each step you take become more conscious and courageous. 

 May you choose healing.

 May you listen to that which you know to be true.

 May you find joy and peace and serenity.
 May you face your fears so that they can dissolve into Light.
 May you take responsibility for your creation.

 May you be honest in feeling and thought and word.

 May you ask for help when you need it and have the strength to   receive it   when offered.

 May you know that you are loved, always loved.​​​​​​​​

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January 30, 2016

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January 27, 2017

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