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​​Recording from the
July 2nd Transmission
Now Available

The Pleiadian Collective, Enorah, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on the solar eclipse that occurred earlier in the day and what that eclipse is activating and shifting for the individual as well as the collective, the massive jump we all just experienced as a result of the combination of the eclipse and the solstice downloads, the ability to viscerally perceive the self as infinite light allowing for the physical creation of states of abundance, the integration of more of the creator technology in alignment with operating as a being of infinite light facilitating an ease in the cycle of creation, the current acceleration of the shift, the rapidly shifting nature of the polarity at this time, jumping from good to bad to good to bad again and again and again in a flash, the change in the power structures on Earth, releasing perceived limitations, the need to operate in the moment, the importance of having as much fun as possible over the next few days and then allowing that state of fun and joy to set the energy for the foundation for your future moments, the inability to continue to costume ourselves in our former enslavement identities, the heart chakra as a broadcaster as well as a receiver, releasing of childhood stories, the upcoming lunar eclipse, the desire to flee one's reality, accessing discernment and paying attention to cues and signs, following the breadcrumbs, releasing the need to measure one's growth, physical sensitivities, animals and the roles they can play in our lives, jumping off the cliff to give ourselves the realities we desire, regret, and much, much more,

The Pleiadians offer a number of processes throughout including one that facilitates the integration of the eclipse upgrades and well as a continuation of the integration of the solstice energies.

Quantum Conversations
with Lauren Galey
 July 17 at 3pm PT 

Nora is super happy and excited to be on air with Lauren and her wonderful audience.

Please join us for free for an interview, transmission from The Pleiadians, and an in depth discussion with Lauren.

​This will be a livestreamed video interview.

​Register here to attend

Anything Goes with The P's
Webcast & Teleconference
July 25th at 12pm PT

Join Nora, Jon, and The Pleiadian Collective from the comfort of your own space.
In a special late July transmission The Pleiadians will facilitate integration and activation of the current energies, share their perspectives on how this is all working in your field and how you can continue to operate from joy, and will take your questions on anything you'd like to ask about. This transmission promises to be out of this world, playful, and a lot of fun.

New information
New activations
New downloads
New processes

Join us for an afternoon of love, fun, and transformation. As always there will be plenty of time for your questions. We will be taking calls and answering questions submitted via the Q & A form, as well as having the chat function open during the event. You can access the program by either calling in via your phone or computer, or you can choose to listen to the live broadcast via the web.

For those who can not attend live, the replay will be available immediately following for all registered.


Summer Solstice
Recording Now Available

Nora, Jon, The Pleiadian Collective, Calliandra, Alderon, Enorah, Yeshua, and Others shared their perspectives on the integration and activation of the Solstice energies which began streaming in a couple of weeks prior, peaked at 8:54am PT, and will continue to enter in for another couple of weeks, the faeries' connection and contact with us and the advantage of welcoming the faeries into our homes and lives, the shift in our cellular structure enabling us to hold more light and operate at a higher vibration, the importance of living life as a party for no other reason than the desire to be in the vibration of party, how to both be in the space of celebration, play and party and tend to any un-transmuted trauma that is activated in the moment, the massive shift that happened in mid May and the actualization of that shift via the Solstice downloads, sexual energy and the decrease in libido that many are experiencing, the shift in our sexual operating system, owning being stuck in victim/perpetrator programs to enable actualizing as a creator being, using the vibratory sensory system to recognize the vibration of other beings, the need for finding the beauty in each and every moment, pain and issues in the feet, sharing one's gifts with the world, anxiety and the transmutation of anxiety, the reduction of the polarity, how to deal with mental busyness, and much, much more.

The Pleiadians, Calliandra, and Alderon offered a number of processes and tools throughout including one that facilitates the integration and activation of the Solstice downloads, along with first, third, fifth, and sixth chakra work.

This was another very powerful and joyful transmission. Enjoy it!

 May you always be aware of the guidance and love that surrounds   you. 

 May you pay attention each day to the lessons that are being   offered and the opportunity to grow in love. 

 May each step you take become more conscious and courageous. 

 May you choose healing.

 May you listen to that which you know to be true.

 May you find joy and peace and serenity.
 May you face your fears so that they can dissolve into Light.
 May you take responsibility for your creation.

 May you be honest in feeling and thought and word.

 May you ask for help when you need it and have the strength to   receive it   when offered.

 May you know that you are loved, always loved.​​​​​​​​

Operate from Joy
is a system for the  transmutation of trauma using the FOAL  method which allows for the activation of the vibratory rate of joy in the body enabling you to use that vibration as the foundation for your creations.

What is F.O.A.L.?
Feel - your emotions fully and without judgment. 
Observe - yourself as you feel fully which activates your  5D consciousness from within.
Accept - yourself exactly as you are in the moment of this feeling state.
Love - which activates an automatic transmission of  unconditional love that transmutes any deeply held traumas  sitting in any moment of time and space.

Lengthier description of F.O.A.L. in the Blog

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