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Lions Gate Portal Transmission with The P's
Recording Now Available

Each year the Lions Gate Portal opens on July 26th (the first day of the Mayan New Year) and closes on August 12th offering you the opportunity for an accelerated experience of your integration and re-ascension process. 

The Pleiadian Collective, Enorah, Yeshua, Calliandra, and Others share their perspectives on this year's Lions Gate Portal, the cosmic energies currently coming onto our world and how they are facilitating our integration and re-ascension experience, accessing your galactic identity via connecting with Sirius rising, the expansion that occurs as a result of accessing your galactic identity, the increase of telepathic experiences and how telepathy and verbal communication are interrelated, the inability to hide anything any longer, the increase of light on our world, the function of portals as both receivers and transmitters, the opportunity to release outdated energy, patterns, belongings, etc, some of the current events and how they are related to this cosmic energy coming in, transmutation of other lifetime trauma, how to handle your reactions, using your reactions as a way to create your next moment, societal rules and standards, taking heart-centered action towards the reality you desire as a way to facilitate transmutation of underlying trauma, how the current political reality is triggering the experience of the timeline jump back in 2016 and any and all trauma associated with that timeline jump, experiencing unconditional love in real time with another human, and much, much more

The Pleiadians offered a very powerful facilitation of the integration of the Lions Gate Portal energies both at the beginning of the program and then at the completion of the program as well. 

Monthly Transmission
September 3 at 5pm Pacific
Webcast & Teleconference

Opening transmission from The P's during the first 30 minutes. Interactive Q & A session with The P's for the remaining hour.

These monthly sessions are always so much fun and filled with helpful guidance along with incredibly supportive energy from The Pleiadians and all of our other helpers and celestial friends. 

For those who can not attend live, the replay will be available immediately following for all registered. The recording will also be available for purchase on our site a few days following the live event.

Anything Goes with The P's
Webcast & Teleconference
Recording Now Available

​July 25th on the Mayan Calendar is known as the "Day Out of Time". It is the 365th and last day of the Galactic Year with July 26th being the first day of the Galactic New Year.

The Day Out of Time represents an "extra day" or a "free day" on the Mayan Calendar as they based their calendar on a cycle of 13 moons each lasting 28 days apiece. The day out of time exists between the threshold of the last day of the galactic calendar and the first day of the Galactic New Year.

In this special transmission Nora, Jon, and The Pleiadians, shared their perspectives on how the energy of the day out of time shifts our reality, timelessness and accessing the state of timelessness, how to bookmark the experience in the body, the acceleration of the shift, the integration and re-ascension process, the upgrades in our vibrations, our creator technology, embodying the higher self, signs and other experiences in the dream state, operating in the moment, experiencing synchronicity as a way to support our journey on our paths, the third chakra and the ability to now deactivate implants in the third chakra that are keeping us aligned with the third dimensional version of reality, water and our connection to water in the state of timelessness, oneness, the illusion of being stuck, operating completely in the moment at hand, pain in the physical body as a manifestation of untransmuted trauma and emotional pain associated with that trauma, the blending of the third dimensional and the fifth dimensional identities within the body, operating as the version of yourself that you truly are at this time, carrying extra weight and what to do about it, detaching from the need to know what the future will bring, releasing savior programs, the difference between sympathy and compassion, and much, much, more. 

The Pleiadians offer a number of processes throughout including one that facilitates the integration of the "day out of time" upgrades as well as a process that deactivates implants in the third chakra using the vibration of compassion.


Operate from Joy
is a system for the  transmutation of trauma using the FOAL  method which allows for the activation of the vibratory rate of joy in the body enabling you to use that vibration as the foundation for your creations.

What is F.O.A.L.?
Feel - your emotions fully and without judgment. 
Observe - yourself as you feel fully which activates your  5D consciousness from within.
Accept - yourself exactly as you are in the moment of this feeling state.
Love - which activates an automatic transmission of  unconditional love that transmutes any deeply held traumas  sitting in any moment of time and space.

Lengthier description of F.O.A.L. in the Blog
 May you always be aware of the guidance and love that surrounds   you. 

 May you pay attention each day to the lessons that are being   offered and the opportunity to grow in love. 

 May each step you take become more conscious and courageous. 

 May you choose healing.

 May you listen to that which you know to be true.

 May you find joy and peace and serenity.
 May you face your fears so that they can dissolve into Light.
 May you take responsibility for your creation.

 May you be honest in feeling and thought and word.

 May you ask for help when you need it and have the strength to   receive it   when offered.

 May you know that you are loved, always loved.​​​​​​​​

​​The Pleiadians on Sex, Sexuality, Creator Energy, & Relationships
Excerpt from Webcast
January 30, 2016

A Message from The Pleiadians 
on the Acceleration and Transmutation
January 27, 2017

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Perspective on the Trump Presidency